Career Wednesday: Being Thurough


I hate the resume. I hate having to constantly update it and tailor it to every position, and because of that it’s easy for me to forget information. One stumbling block for me is education: I transferred from a community college to a four-year when getting my Bachelor’s. I don’t know whether to include the CC work or not and so far I haven’t, which hasn’t proven to be a bad thing, but I’ve been considering putting it down from here on out.

I bring this up because I applied to be an educational assistant, and the DOE wants my transcripts. On the application, I omitted my CC work but think I should give the department everything, including my post-grad work (which I put down on the application, to explain the gap between 2013-2014).

What are your thoughts on the resume? How do you keep it updated and tailored without forgetting anything important? Can you please give me advice on what to do in my transcripts situation? Thanks and let me know in the comments!


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