Random Sunday: Being Humble


Last night I took my friend to see local musician Jake Shimabukuro perform “Concerto for Ukulele and Orchestra, Campanella” with the Hawaii Symphony. It was an historic event, since a piece for the ukulele had not been written before this. And to be played with an orchestra was a first time feat. I was so happy to witness it in person.

I titled this post being humble because if there’s anybody who embodies that value it’s Jake: When he received a standing ovation he started to get emotional, and made a little speech thanking everybody who helped him, and never once focused on himself. When I met him after the show and told him that he did a good job, all he did was smile and looked almost embarrassed. If you watch his documentary Life on Four Strings, his humility comes across very strongly.

People associate humility with being weak and submissive, but in Asian cultures, it’s seen as a positive. One pet peeve of mine is someone who brags, constantly. (I know a few people). There is a time and place to do it, like if you’re marketing a business then you have no choice but to “brag” about your products, or a milestone (wedding, baby), but that’s it. In this sense, it’s tough to not brag on social media. It’s all about sharing, but Facebook and Instagram can definitely bring out the narcissists in us. What do we share, and how can we be modest about it?

Sorry for the little rant there, but my point is that being humble is such an attractive trait. Do you agree?


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