Cooking Friday: Baking Cookies


(I wish those were my cookies pictured, but it’s not).

My friend loves lemon, so when I came across Williams-Sonoma’s lemon sugar cookie mix I decided to make them for her. Little did I know how much work was involved. I’m not into baking as much as cooking, but I wanted to try these. It took me two days (yesterday was prepping, today was baking), and according to my guinea pigs (aka, the parents) they were tasty.

The box had directions for cutout and sliced cookies. I chose to make sliced ones since I figured they were the easiest. How hard could it be to roll a glob of dough into a log? Apparently, harder than I thought. Because the bottom of the “log” wasn’t round, I had to manually form pieces of dough into circles…and that’s difficult to do when you only have five minutes to do so before the warmth of your hands softens the dough. Needless to say I didn’t make circles–I made semi circles. Or semi ovals.

Baking the stuff was interesting. It was a fast 12 minutes, with one pan coming out crispy and the other being soft (not chewy). The crispy cookies were golden brown; the soft cookies were pale. (As to why I didn’t leave the soft ones in the oven longer, I don’t know.)

When I imagined making all 44 cookies my original plan was to divide them up among my friend, guitar teacher, my grandpa, and my family. Since I was 14 cookies short (I was eyeballing how much dough to cut for each cookie), and most were deformed, I decided to give most of them to my friend and none to my teacher. My grandpa, I concluded, was going to get the last ones. It worked out because my friend deserved majority of them anyway.

So, what have I learned from my first baking experience?

1) Patience is key
2) Room temperature ingredients scares me (how do you when the butter is too soft?)
3) I should stick to cooking

It was a tiring experience, so I think I’ll stick to cupcakes and brownies if I want to bake.

If you bake, what was your first experience like and what did you make? Let me know in the comments!


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