Random Sunday: “The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation”


I know that I NEED to read a book if I’m struggling to leave it or buy it. If I browse for a bit but keep coming back to it, I’m off to the cashier with book in hand. That’s what happened with ‘The Book of Joan.’ Okay, one reason why I bought the book was because I love Joan, but the above struggle did happen.(I actually saw Melissa Rivers talking about it on the Today Show and was curious. Could daughter be just as funny as mother?)

Apparently, yes.

And I finished the book in two days.

It was filled with hilarious stories and quotes from Joan. I was constantly laughing at the incidents that Joan found herself in, and how Melissa dealt with it all. The stories of Joan and her grandson, Conner, were sweet. One story that stuck out was Joan being on the CNN morning news after being pulled over by police, and this quote, “Betty Crocker isn’t a real woman and yet that bitch is making a fortune off of cake mix.” While the woman was funny, she was also full of life lessons, and was a stickler for grammar and good manners. All of that and much more is revealed in the book. I took a lot away from it, especially the mother-daughter relationship theme: it’s apparent in the book, and made me appreciate my mom and how special our bond is.


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