Random Sunday: Choose Your Battles Wisely


A lot of people don’t know when to fight and when to let things go. I try to not waste my time on small things and even though I don’t always succeed, for the most part I know when to forget about something and move on. Case in point, fighting over parking spaces.

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, my mom and I decided to go to Waikele Premium Outlets yesterday because of the good sales. We were driving around looking for a space and when we found one, we nabbed it. Right then someone honked their horn at us.

When my mom told me to not get out of the car, I thought that a big Hawaiian lady was gonna come out and beat her up…but then I saw that the car was a Lexus…and no Hawaiian would be driving that kind of car.

Anyway, the Lexus stopped near us, waiting for us to move. After five minutes, the driver called the guard and complained that “we stole her parking spot” and asked if he was “going to do anything about it.” All of a sudden she drove right behind us and stayed there for another five minutes. Clearly she wasn’t gonna give up. The guard didn’t look too happy with her, but when he went to talk to my mom she told him that we’d move. He felt bad and said sorry.

Apparently the woman wanted us to ruin her expensive car (we were driving a trunk and could do serious damage) because she didn’t give us enough room to reverse. Of course, in true fashion, before driving away my mom gave her the finger. Then we laughed about it because she was being ridiculous: Who in their right mind gets angry over asphalt!?! (She really wanted that parking too, because she gunned her engine when she saw us going for it).

That incident reminded me of my birthday in ’08: I came back to my car after buying myself a present and found a note on my windshield telling me to learn how to park. First, the girl didn’t need to park NEXT TO ME if she knew that I wasn’t completely in the space. Common sense!

Whatever. I laughed that time too.

Dear readers, please choose your battles wisely. It’s stupid to go crazy over petty things–it’s a waste of time and energy.

Do you have any crazy stories about people getting angry over nothing that you’d like to share? I’d to read them in the comments!


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