Career Wednesday: “Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It”


I called my mom yesterday to ask her about giving out my SSN to Macy’s, since I was filling out their online application. After she said that it was okay, she brought up me moving to LA to pursue my entertainment writing career. She said that she and Dad weren’t being too supportive. I told her that I wasn’t ready to move, but she said that sometimes you just gotta do it. I understand that taking risks is what life is all about, but you can’t be going in blind all the time, especially when money is involved.

She said that we needed to have a family meeting about it, but after I hung up I started thinking about my plan. Up until now I put my plans on hold and didn’t think about LA. I realized that while I wanted to do the smart thing and save first, deep down I was scared to make the move. My worst fear was getting so homesick that I came back. I didn’t want to go through that again. Also, I was scared of failure, which would also result in me moving back.

Even though life is so-so right now, I’m putting my dream on hold. Gonna find a job and save. I’ll get to LA eventually.


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