Career Wednesday: Opportunity, Perserverance and Motivation


Last week was a good time in my job search: a friend of mine told me about a part time teaching/clerical position, I applied with a staffing agency who got back to me right away with an opening for a clerical assistant at a law firm, and a high school classmate posted a job ad on his Facebook for a cafe that was looking for help. Now, why was it a good week for ME? Because I applied/inquired at/about all three.

This time last year I would’ve said no to the last one, but I didn’t. I’m learning that opportunity doesn’t knock twice, and while I didn’t want to work at a cafe, I just decided to do it. The opportunity was there and I took it. Not sure if I’ll actually take the job, but at least I went down and talked to the manager.

Same with the teaching/clerical position: Opportunity came knocking.

This has nothing to do with “selling myself short and applying to everything that I see,” although it may seem that way, but it’s a lesson in taking chances. I may have done it for the hell of it, but at least I didn’t let it pass me by. While I can’t be picky, I’m not going to apply to be a janitor or something that I know I’m gonna hate doing. But the jobs that I’ve applied to thus far have piqued my interest, and I may change my mind if offered a job, but again, I didn’t pass up on not applying.

Does that make sense? :/

I also know that even if I don’t get offers, there are still job openings out there and I know that I’ll get something. I’m doing a lot more on this search than last year, that’s for sure. And my mama is proud. 🙂 Heck, I’m proud! I’m not taking rejections personally and shrugging them off. I keep going.

Do I get discouraged? Oh yeah! (Have you read my previous job searching posts? haha!) But I know that this search will end and as long as I keep at it, I’ll be rewarded.

How do you handle things that are just dragging on? How do you deal with setbacks? Let me know in the comments!


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