Random Sunday: Movies


Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! 🙂 My family got together for an Italian dinner at my grandpa’s house and it was really nice.

Today’s random Sunday post is about movies!

I know several cinephiles. My guitar teacher is a good example. Just yesterday he quoted The Princess Bride haha. And for Christmas one year he bought me The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I hadn’t seen/heard of! FYI, I loved it, and still do.In addition, a friend of mine is able to identify certain actors and remember other films they either voiced characters as, or starred in. It’s pretty neat how he can make those connections.

That got me thinking about my own movie viewing, and how I’m nowhere near that level. I’ve seen quite a bit of movies, but not a lot of “classics” (what defines a classic is subjective), ones that are (supposedly) really good, and those referenced in other films, like The Godfather or Thelma and Louise (that’s on my to-watch list, by the way).

I need to up my game.

Today I watched Rosemary’s Baby, because I kept seeing it referenced online, and it was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen! It’s not the most appropriate movie to watch on Mother’s Day, but it was on Netflix so I jumped at the chance. But that’s just one out of seven movies that I wrote down to watch.

I was going through a list of “classic films” and marked the ones I saw, so here they are:

Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music
Star Wars
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (really??)

As I said, I need to up my movie watching game. I do love movies, but there’s just so many of them that it’s hard to watch ’em all!!

So, are you a cinephile? What movies do you plan to watch, and what are some films that you consider to be classics? Let me know in the comments!


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