Random Sunday: Spam Jam 2015


In Hawaii, we LOVE spam. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Our McDonald’s has local deluxe platters, that come with white rice, Portuguese sausage, a slice of spam, and egg. At saimin restaurants, spam is usually served as a garnish, cut into pieces. We sprinkle cubes of it in fried rice, and eat a lot of spam musubi (shown above). It’s a staple in Hawaii and while most non-residents can’t handle it (Andrew Zimmern) others love it (Anthony Bourdain).

Spam is so popular here that every year there’s the Waikiki spam jam, a free festival where local restaurants put their own spin on the canned meat for locals and tourists to try. This year’s event was the biggest, with 17 establishments participating. There was also entertainment providing music for the six hour celebration, which closed down Kalakaua Avenue.

The last one I sort of went to was back in 2011/12 because I was in the area for an event. I say “sort of went to” because I only passed by the tents during my break. I so wanted to go to this one because all of the food looked really good, especially Hard Rock Cafe’s selections: Portuguese sausage SPAMac & cheese balls and SPAM spice cupcakes (the latter sounded kind of weird, but I was willing to try it!)

Seeing the Instagram pictures didn’t help to make the jealousy go away.

Sigh, maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “Random Sunday: Spam Jam 2015

  1. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog and saw this post and knew you lived here on the island. I work in Waikiki and luckily I didn’t work on Saturday- but I did hear of all the crazy spam items that were going to be served. A lot of vendors were making spam ice cream! Any whooo I’m your newest follower!

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