Career Wednesday: Networking #2


Yesterday I met up with another Hawaii journalist and picked her brain about freelancing, internships and her job as night editor at Buzzfeed. It was only a 30 minute meeting but over hot chocolate and coffee we managed to cover a lot of ground and I walked away with valuable advice, one of which was to be open to writing anything, but also be creative in how to get articles published in my chosen topic, entertainment.

I tried to be as positive as possible about my situation thus far, but she knew that I was feeling discouraged. And I was for a bit. I’m at a roadblock and don’t know what to do to get over the obstacle and move forward toward my goal of writing for The Hollywood Reporter. I mean, I know I need to save (that’s the reason for me lowering my standards for now, because I just need to take anything) but just getting that job isn’t so easy. And what about writing on the side? Being paid for it I mean. How am I gonna do that?

Luckily, she understood my situation because right now she’s going through the same thing. So I felt better knowing that I wasn’t alone. I told her that maybe I should’ve become a nurse because I wouldn’t have a hard time finding a job considering there’s a need for them. That’s not so true for writers unfortunately.

So, it was nice to vent a little but now I can approach the freelance writing world with just a bit more clarity. I’m gonna try and get in touch with Honolulu Pulse again, and inquire with the editor of Flux Hawaii about any stories that need to be written up.

Sounds like a plan.

Hmm, networking isn’t as terrible as I thought it was gonna be. After meeting Catherine last year, I’ve gotten braver in reaching out to people and asking them for help. It’s actually kind of fun. Hoping to do more soon! 🙂


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