Theme or No Theme?

Duncan Blog pic

Most blogs have a theme, like this one from Honolulu journalist Catherine Toth. It chronicles her adventures, whether it’s hiking (her new project) or her travels. I like hers, and she’s a very opinionated woman. She gave me a lot of journalism advice, and made me scared not to get her angry haha!

There are food blogs or those who cover EVERYTHING, like The Pioneer Woman. I adore her blog, especially the food posts. But she has several different categories on her site, from photography to home & garden. Is it overwhelming? Sometimes. However, I still like it. By the way, her food photography is awesome: my mouth waters every time I see one of her food pictures.

So, which idea is better: theme or no theme? Should my blog have a theme? (Actually, this site was originally going to be about my job search/career, but then I thought it’d be too boring). Also, what are some of your favorite blogs?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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