Publishing Capitol of the World


I’m not sure if New York City is the publishing capitol of the world, but it is home to many magazine companies such as Hearst (Good Housekeeping, Seventeen and Redbook) and Time Inc. (Entertainment Weekly, TIME and Sports Illustrated). I’m getting the impression that if someone wants to be a print journalist, she will need to (or consider a) move to New York City.

The numbers don’t lie: one site that I look at for journalism jobs is mediabistro. It categorizes jobs by industry, and you can narrow your search by location. Right now New York has 573 jobs, compared to California’s 149. By city: New York, 529; Los Angeles, 26. Can you believe that LA only has 26 media jobs?!

Maybe I should move East. It’s expensive and the winters are harsh, but it looks like New York City has more job opportunities in my field of work than Los Angeles. It’s twice the distance from Hawaii though, which is a problem. I’m not a fan of airplanes and taking one is enough, but two is stretching it.

Just a passing thought I guess.


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