Business Ventures

Torn newspaper headlines depicting business strategy

A friend of mine suggested that I contact small local boutiques and ask if they needed writers for promotions and things. As I was thinking about my freelance “business,” I decided to use her idea. I made a list of the places I frequented and then realized that I can start with someone I already knew who owned her own business. I interviewed her for an article and we’ve kept in touch since then.

I sent her an email, asking whether or not she needed help with marketing her product. Low and behold, she did! She asked for my thoughts and what I charged.

Now, even though I was a promotions intern for a radio station back in 2011, I’m not too familiar with business. I didn’t think she’d say that she needed help but now she has I have to come up with some ideas and frankly, I’m excited. Promotions is a skill that I need to have as a creative and I might as well start growing it now. I’ll keep you posted!


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