Inspirational Websites and Us


I love inspirational websites: I ALWAYS find an article that resonates with me and save it for future reference. If I really like the site I’ll go through its archives, reading each headline to see if it’s interesting–one is Positively Positive.

Last night I stumbled upon another site, Tiny Buddha. I was having some serious doubts and fear (still kinda do) about moving to LA, so I Googled quotes about overcoming those feelings (you know, to make myself feel better), when one of the searches came from this site. I clicked it and after reading the post I was curious and browsed.

Thank goodness I did, because I came across a post titled “How to Overcome the Pain of Rejection.” I’ve been rejected many times, mostly in the love and job departments and even though I don’t let the latter get to me, I REALLY feel down when a guy does it. The post helped me put those rejections into perspective and possibly give me the courage to experience those “like” feelings again, even though they happened quite a while ago. I literally felt better after reading it (that’s why I love these sites in the first place!)

So, what’s the point of this post? Well, since the year is coming to an end we all should work on ourselves, which is in constant need of repairs/improvements. These sites and I’m sure plenty more will help with that. We, as humans, are works in progress, always.

Plus, it’s free therapy.

Do you have an inspirational website that you frequent? What is it?


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