Volunteering/Charity Work


Do you volunteer? If not, I encourage you to do so! It can be for whatever issue you’re interested in, and it’ll make you feel better about yourself knowing that you’re contributing your time to helping others. I know it can be boring, but the rewards that come after are worth it.

Here’s my story: my mom works at a health insurance company, so they’re always volunteering, whether it’s packing canned goods into boxes at the foodbank or participating in walks to raise money for medical research, they’re always present whenever these events come around. Because of her, I became involved in both the foodbank and walks (I believe one was for AIDS). She wanted someone to accompany her and I was that person.

One event that I was always excited for was Keiki Birthday at the Next Step Shelter, where a birthday party is put on at the end of each month, celebrating the children who were born in said month. I did that three times, and took a friend along to show them a side of life that they’ve never seen. After doing that I became passionate about children, and in the summer of 2010, through my class, volunteered for the Palolo Pipeline Program, and I needed to supervise elementary to middle school children after school in the housing projects. One girl was so cute and kept hanging around me, haha! I was sad when my term ended.

Children is just one area I like (two others are education and music). I’m not volunteering anywhere now, but I’m on the lookout (heck, I’m looking at nonprofits to join when I move to LA). If you don’t want to physically do anything, then a donation will help. $5 will go somewhere. But I want you (and my friends) to give back in some way, to whatever charity you want. Even if you just volunteer once, it’s better than nothing. Go!


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