Apartment Questions


All of you who have been apartment hunting (if you’ve done it in LA even better), can you answer a few questions for me?

1) How much money did you save before moving? (This is for people who moved to another state)
2) How long did your apartment search take? Including scoping out the neighborhoods.
3) How long did it take to set up tours?
4) How many places did you look at?
5) How long did it take for you to get a place?

I’m trying to work backwards from my target move date to figure out a plan of action for apartment hunting but it’s confusing since everybody’s timeline for getting a place is different. Help? Please?


5 thoughts on “Apartment Questions

  1. I’ve rented in west LA, and picked the area because I wanted to be close to UCLA. I found my roommate on Craigslist so for me it depended on how long it took to find the right person. I probably looked at 5 places. But it’s hard to look more than a month or two ahead of time.

    • Thanks for the reply! I was looking to rent in Westwood but it’s too expensive since I’ll be living alone. How much do you and your roomie pay for rent?

      • This was a few years ago but I think I paid like $650/mo, and we shared a bathroom. It coulda been a lot worse. A few friends live in Palms, and it’s reasonable there.

  2. 1) If you have a job set up, three months rent is a nice cushion. If you don’t then up to six months worth of rent. Stuff happens.
    2) I live in LA and luckily had some guidance from someone who lives here. You should try to live near your work in LA because of traffic. If you don’t have a job yet, which I didn’t, maybe live in the tmz (thirty mile zone). That way it’s central. If you have more specific questions about neighborhoods in LA please ask!
    3) For tours, some we’re same day. Most we’re next day appointments to look at stuff. I have a set of criteria an apartment has to meet- most people probably do. It took me a couple weeks to find something. Start a month before. So if you’re moving in February, start looking January first.
    4) I looked at over a dozen places via craigslist, driving around and calling the number on the sign, and westsiderentals.com.
    5) You turn in your rental application and they have to do a credit check and whatnot, so it could be two days to a week. Just ask the person you are turning the application into.

    Hope that helps!

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