Career Counseling

I met with a career counselor to talk about job hunting, and it went well. In regards to low level employment, she gave me three options and to figure out which one I fall into:

1) If I have job experience in my field of work than retail might not be a good idea in terms of advancing my career (unless I’m laid off and need money, than work at the mall).

2) If I don’t have job experience but know what I want to do for a career, to find entry-level jobs that will get me closer to my goal. For example, if I want to work in TV, then I might apply to be a receptionist at a TV station.

3) If I don’t have job experience and don’t know what I want to do with my life, then take anything.

For me, I’m in between ideas 1 and 2: I have work experience in my chosen field and know what I want to be. I actually might be option number 1 and need to take anything to make money. (But I called today and and still under consideration for a corporate writing job I applied for last month!)

I also asked her about how to go about doing a long-distance job search, and she said to call the companies and ask when they want to fill their open positions…but to apply for a job a month before I move to make it easier to schedule interviews. I can see the logic behind that but I don’t want to risk being up in LA without a job. However, I do agree with inquiring with the companies.

It was my first time talking to this counselor, and she was okay. Her advice was good, for the most part.


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