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After reading that Britney Spears might “possibly” join Tinder, and watching on the Ellen show what the ladies of The Real thought about the dating app (go to 3:22, to hear their opinions, with Adrianne Ballon saying that it’s “booty call central” & Ellen disapproving of the app, saying that it’s only going by physical attractiveness and not much else), I got to thinking about online dating and my experiences/others’ situations and whether it’s really worth it or not.

I keep seeing commercials for, and it’s a shame that they have to shame people who aren’t on the site and that if they don’t set up a profile that they’re not going to find love (it’s not blatantly said, but that’s the message). Personally, I’d rather meet someone in person than online (in general meeting people online is a bit risky). There are psychos on dating sites!! (Did you read about the murder?) I do not want to die looking for love!!

However, I’m no stranger to dating sites: a friend of mine asked me if I would ever join one and I told her that “I’m not that desperate,” and just for the fun of it I decided to set up an eHarmony account but never did it because the damn questionnaire was taking too long. I know they want to set you up with the best matches possible but man, it’s a lot of work setting one up so I quit. Another friend of mine is on a few dating sites and luckily for him his matches have been normal, and one even turned into a relationship. A Facebook friend is on okcupid, and she posts some weird/sketchy messages that she’s gotten from men (and she’s still single). Sometimes online dating can backfire.

I do think people who are on online dating sites are desperate, because there are a myriad of places that single people hang out at in real life (and your friends can probably set you up), and while it’s true that not everyone is nice and whatever, at least they’re not hiding behind a computer screen and possibly lying in their profile. I don’t want to just talk on Skype or by email: I want a face-to-face meeting right out of the gate. Have we become so scared of human interaction that we have to move something as fun, exhilarating, and sometimes tough act of dating, online? Unless you’ve exhausted all other options, then by all means, do online dating, but until that day comes, stay far away from it, like me. It’s not impossible to meet someone in real life, look at our friends and our parents!


3 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. I can see your point, but I can’t agree completely. I’m someone who has met two men online. I married one, and was married for 14 years. My current partner I met in Feb, and we are very happy. I really wouldn’t say it’s for the desperate. That’s a bit harsh. Each to their own, though. Whatever makes you comfortable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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