Long Distance Contacts

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me, but it’s a little sad when people I know don’t talk to me because I don’t live in the same state as them. 😦 It’s funny how when you’re in close proximity to someone that you two talk a lot, but once one of you moves, the contact gets sparse.

Take when I went to California for grad school: although my friends were busy, I only talked to two every once in a while ie. only twice since I was up there. I’d go months without talking to friends back home. If I did, I was the one who contacted them first. My classmates kind of substituted for my friends, one girl always messaged me on Facebook about class and another girl and I would always text each other.

Now that I’m back home, it’s exactly the opposite: I talk to my friends more, but my classmates not so much. In fact, the girl who used to message me doesn’t respond to me anymore, and I’m not even bothering her but asking for her advice. The only person I do keep in contact with from California is my cute little roommate, Maria.

Isn’t it weird how once someone is not physically in your life anymore you tend to forget about them? It’s sad, really. I try not to be like that and maintain contact in small ways, whether it’s liking a status on Facebook or whatever. It’s tough to maintain long distance friendships but if one person doesn’t want to be a part of it, then forget about it.

Ever experience this?


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