What’s Winter Like?!


Tonight my mom, dad, and I ate dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend. They go home to California tomorrow morning. Like all Californians, they’ve never experienced winter. Same like us Hawaii people–the lowest temperature here in December is in the 60s. But my cousin, who lives in Albany, NY due to his job, told us about his first real winter and it was crazy, to sum it all up.

He wasn’t prepared and even though it was a mild winter, for him it was FREEZING!! He said that getting his car out of the snow was torture (he didn’t have a ice scraper so he got the ice off using his credit card), and the picture he sent me of the snow covering the ground, the windshield of his car, and of the snow falling was pretty neat. I wouldn’t want to be IN it, but seeing it was cool. He told us about the rain, and since it was cold it t turned to ice when it hit the window. My parents and I were like, Whoa!

He wanted to come home right then, but he couldn’t. He’s been in New York for three years but he’s hoping to move back to California by the end of the year. Him and his girlfriend are in a long distance relationship. I’m sure that’s partly why he wants to move back home.

Hearing his first snow story made me wonder what I would do if I had gotten accepted to Northeastern University, in Boston. I would die in the winter. I’m not into cold. I’ve heard people tell me who moved here from the East Coast say that snow was overrated. One of my roommates was from Iowa and she told us that she hated the snow. It was fine for a few days and then she just wanted it to stop.

Having only been to New York City in March and being downright cold, I want to experience a real winter. Call me crazy, but I do. I’m sure I’ll want to come right back home afterward.


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