Being a woman is tough, and confusing. One thing I don’t get is makeup. Last night while I was waiting for my turn to get my hair cut I was reading an issue of Allure and was overwhelmed with all of the beauty information, like having three different concealers because they each do different things (one covers dark spots, another evens out skin tone, and a third is good for people with redness). Talk about confusing, and a lot of money spent.

I’m not big on makeup even though I have four lipsticks, two concealers/correctors and foundation. Let me explain the reason why I have so many lipsticks: Color. I was given a red one but wanted a color that wasn’t so harsh for daytime so I bought a pink. It was too light so I went with a darker shade. And I don’t remember why I have a fourth but I do. As for the concealers/corrector, one just conceals my dark circles while the other conceals the circles and brightens my eyes. The latter is also a liquid. Once I buy a product that I think is perfect, I look at my face and see that I need a different type of the same product! Waste money!!!

The only thing I know how to do is take care of my skin. My dermatologist is the bomb, and since I have combination skin with an oily T zone (who doesn’t have that?), I apply CeraVe lotion and moisturizer day and night all over my face, and use Boscia blotting papers on my T-zone during the day. I also put on sunscreen (SPF 100) before I go out. I also apply sunscreen to my arms.

Makeup, on the other hand? No knowledge at all. And frankly, I’m not into it. All I need is my concealer and a lip product, and I’m good to go. Very simple. Or so I think. Sephora makes my head spin sometimes.

What’s your beauty routine, if you have one? Are you like me and just don’t care?


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. I agree! I’ve often thought: “Oh, my… I wonder what’s under all that make-up? Will it be a monster after she takes off her mask?” hahah… πŸ™‚ Of course… a little bit is nice to bring out features and enhance beauty marks, but a lot of women seem to overdo it. πŸ™‚

    • haha!!! I agree that a lot of women overdo it, and probably do it to their friends too. Example: a friend was doing my make up for a dinner out, and she gave me really heavy eye makeup. Our friends liked it, but I hated it. I was so happy to take it off afterward! Yes, a little is nice, but don’t overdo it. πŸ™‚

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