Hello Kitty


One of the websites I frequent is Angry Asian Man, a site chronicling Asian American news and other things pertaining to the Asian American community. The creator always has a post called Read These Blogs, and one link led me to Hello Kitty. Who I loved as a kid, and still do.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Hello Kitty is mega popular in America, and among Asian American females both young and old, it’s gold, myself included. I have a soft spot for her. According to the article, Hello Kitty is NOT a cat, but a little girl (uh, what?) Does that picture above look like a girl to you?? I was and still am skeptical, but her back story is so cute it’s hilarious. (Those Japanese really know how to evoke smiles and “aww how cute” from people).

Reading that article brought me back to my childhood, when the Sanrio section of Shirokiya was my go-to spot at Ala Moana, and playing KeroKeroKeroppi’s video game multiple times. I still like Sanrio even though I hardly go in. My favorite characters (yes, plural. I can’t like just one) are KeroKeroKeroppi (a frog), Chococat (a black cat), and Pochacco (a dog). Such cute stuff they had!! Keroppi is making a comeback while Pochacco is discontinued, to my excitement and disappointment.

I wish my cousins liked Sanrio when they were younger (or even now)…would’ve been fun to go crazy in that store with them.

Have you outgrown any childhood characters or do you still collect them? To me, still liking Sanrio reminds me that just because I’m an adult I don’t have to give up everything from when I was a kid, plus it means I don’t take myself too seriously.



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