(Second) First Day of School

Good day. I was late by five minutes but what we did today was fun: We had to “interview” our neighbor, and since my neighbor and I were both on the wait list we just talked. I’m second on the list but since two students didn’t show up today I MIGHT get a spot. I’ll have to see come Thursday.

It’s funny, because even though I graduated last year some students find it weird that I’m a post-grad. It’s as if they’re thinking, ‘Why are you back in school when you graduated? Haven’t you had enough?’ (I’d probably think the same thing). I mention that because my neighbor and another girl who was on the wait list asked me why I was in the class. I guess post-grad students are older? I don’t know.

Anyway, this one looks promising too. It covers everything that I already know, and it reinforces it. I’m most excited for the guest speakers.

btw, I gotta learn how to use a Mac; I was having a hard time today haha!


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