More Clarification

Last night over poke shooters, Earth flatbread, and a deconstructed s’more with a side of vanilla ice cream at The Grove, I told a friend of mine about my money issues and moving to LA. To start establishing credit, she said, I should get my own credit card and even if I don’t use it, I’ll be building up good credit. She also said to live in an apartment complex close to a college campus, since landlords are more lenient about renting to people who have little or no credit (what college student has credit anyway?

It’s good to have a friend who’s knowledgeable about money, because my dad was no help!


3 thoughts on “More Clarification

  1. Coming straight out of college (like you said) I had no credit. My college finance director told me that getting a car or something smaller that I could pay off would help get credit fast. Will you be needing a car there? Or shipping yours over? If you do need a car, that is a great way to build credit that won’t get you into trouble with interest rates or annual fees etc. Look for a credit union in the area for lower rates and they are more helpful to people with little/no credit. Honestly, that is the ONLY reason that I started on my journey with good credit. Once I got a job, I had family help get me to and from work. Or if in LA you has bus/walking other options as well. Once I landed my first OK paying job, I got the car and from there I made my monthly payments and started on my journey to owning much more dumb toys haha. If you have an apartment, your electric bill in your name should help you build credit as well if you find a place that isn’t all included. I know this isn’t much help, but maybe get you thinking out side of the box. TO THIS DAY, 4 years out of college and 26 years old with a family and house, I still have never owned a credit card. I always try to get away without having to sign up for one because I am scared i will go on a spending spree, or use it when I don’t have the money. I always try to set small amounts of money away incase of emergency, and only buy things that I know I can afford. Good luck!!

  2. Just be careful not to get too far into debt either. Credit cards can really cost a lot if you get them too high. Plus check with the local job boards in the area. Like, etc. depending on your specialty. Make sure the apartments are fairly secure as well. LA is not full of nice people either. Depending where your at, too. Might pick up a travel book from the library or ask a librarian for latest books on moving and traveling there. has info too. Do some searches on as well, they have tips and info.

    • Thanks for the advice, especially about the apartment: security is one thing that’s high on my priority list. I’ll check out I have family who live in LA and they can attest to the rude people, but there are rude people everywhere so that’s no surprise haha. But I’ll check out a few books! I won’t be moving for a while (gotta save up first!) but it’s good to plan.

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