I’ve been emailing back and forth with a television journalist who just moved to LA four months ago. I asked her how much money she saved before moving, and she said at least $20,000. That seems to be the magic number considering how much everything adds up in a month. She told me that it will last me three months while I’m looking for a job and if I’m smart, that money can be stretched just a little longer.

I asked my dad about checking and savings accounts, and I’m still confused. My main concern right now is money: I don’t want to be financially dependent on my parents. If I only write for Frolic Hawaii, and each article pays $50, it’s gonna take me a LONG time to reach $20,000. Obviously I have to write for other publications, but it’s tough. I guess that’s why I’m entering writing contests in addition to being paid to write articles, because the prize money is in the thousands and I can (maybe) reach $20,000 just a bit faster. Am I aiming too high and/or trying to get “rich” quick? Perhaps and maybe. But all I know is that I don’t want to be living with my parents till I’m 30 (I’m turning 26 in October).

I don’t even know when I want to make the move. All I’m concerned with is getting enough savings. I don’t spend my money, but I also don’t have my own bank accounts. I have a jar with my birthday and Christmas money but that’s not enough.

Why must everything cost money?!?


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