First Article Up!


“Did this: Baker’s Faire” is up on Frolic Hawaii! After I send in my W9 form I’ll officially be one of their freelancers! 😀

Take a look around the site: it’s informative and as a local, I discovered new places to eat and things to do around Oahu. If you’re planning to visit the island, this beats any travel guide. By letting this site be your source for places to go, you definitely won’t be hitting the touristy areas.


3 thoughts on “First Article Up!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I got started by searching local publications for full time positions first. For Frolic I emailed the editor asking about open positions and they didn’t have any, but she told me she published freelance work if the topic(s) were approved by her first. Since I wasn’t getting anywhere finding a full time writing job I decided to start freelancing for them. If you want to freelance, familiarize yourself with the content of the publication first, to see what they’re talking about. Then it’s all about initiative and persistence with your ideas with the editor. As I said in my Sept. ’14 update post, it’s not easy, but it’s nice to be recognized and when an idea does get approved, it feels good haha. Start local first, then go up to the big leagues once you get a fair amount of articles published. Good luck! (And thanks for always commenting on my posts!)

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