Spared, Again!

After Oahu dodged Hurricane Iselle with only wind and rain on Friday (thoughts are with Maui and Big island residents, who got hit the hardest with power outages, fallen trees, and a lot of saturated land) it looks like we’re gonna be spared from Hurricane Julio as well, who is now north of the Islands. That’s great news for Maui and Big Island!!

Now people here are gonna return their cases of water to the stores…why not just keep ’em just in case?! Duh.



2 thoughts on “Spared, Again!

  1. Hope you guys stayed safe! We were very lucky where we live. We got no rain and very, very little wind. Two cities over their was downed trees and power lines. Crazy to think what Big Island went through. Hope everyone over there stayed safe and dry.

    • Hi rippednglittered! Yes, we were safe. We got a flood advisory for our side of the island but it was more toward the North Shore. Glad to know your family is well! 😀

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