(Someone) Has Issues with the Hurricane Food Supply List


This shows the 5-7 day food supply that a two person household should have. One person on Facebook posted a status about this and denounces the list. She says that it’s better to grow and eat our own food and to fill up containers with tap water. While I agree with her two points to an extent, I wonder how long the food supply and containers of water are going to last? Do people really have that much food and containers big enough to survive on for a week with (or in the case of Hurricane Iniki in ’92, four months?) Plus, how much fruits and veggies can somebody take before wanting meat? While the candy is questionable, to refute the rest of the list because these items are expensive and “that this is maybe not the best way to prepare for emergencies” is pretty out there. I’m sure she’ll say no to a generator too.

To read the full list of food, click on the link below:

This Week’s Grocery List: Everything You Need to Survive Hurricane Iselle


2 thoughts on “(Someone) Has Issues with the Hurricane Food Supply List

  1. Maybe I’m crazy but I think the hard candies are a good idea because it can sometimes help quell hunger (if you happen to run out of food). I remember my great-grandmother telling me that she and my grandmother ate hard candies on their journey from Norway to the U.S. when food began running low. (sad but true)… Stay safe over there!! πŸ™‚

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