Calm Before the Storm

Right now it’s a typical summer day in Hawaii: sunny, hot, with trade winds. It’s difficult to imagine that TWO storms are heading our way, but by tomorrow night the Big Island and Maui County (Maui, Molokai, and Lanai) will get hit with severe weather from Iselle. As of now, a hurricane warning has been issued for the Big Island, with a tropical storm warning for Maui County. Schools have been closed on the Big Island and Maui. Julio is expected to hit Sunday.

From yesterday, people have been stocking up on essentials at Costco, Walmart, and other grocery stores like Safeway. The pictures are crazy! Thankfully my dad was smart and stocked up early (and I mean early) on toilet paper, water, and just got the generator fixed.

I don’t like storms so I’m a kind of nervous about these two…although both Iselle and Julio have weakened, they’re still gonna bring severe weather. I’m glad we don’t live in a flood inundated zone though; we live on a hill haha.

For my fellow Hawaii bloggers, stay safe!


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