She Responded!

Francine Brokaw replied to my email! I won’t type up her responses to my questions, but she dabbles in everything, not just entertainment. I’m surprised she does freelance because I thought that she’d be in an office somewhere as a staffer. Anyway, she told me that it’s my choice to solely write about entertainment or do a variety of topics. She said that if I really love to write, to do the latter. She also said that I needed to decide if my focus is on entertainment is because I love the industry or because I love to write AND I love the industry (emphasis done by me). Got me thinking.

Also, as any author, she asked me what I thought of her book. (And where I lived…)

I was surprised that she got back to me the same day I sent her an email! I’m happy she did though. 😀

Happy day!


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