Another Heart-to-Heart Conversation

Last Friday, while walking to see Jack Johnson in concert, my best friend and I talked about our futures. I told her the news about me having to move to LA, and how difficult it was to find a job for right now. She said to take anything, even if it has nothing to do with writing, just to have it on my resume. She didn’t want me to do freelancing.

I told her my plan, and asked her what she wanted to do. She said that she was going to finish up her MA, take a break, work at Costco and try to make it as a singer, and if things don’t work out then she was going to go for her PhD. (She wants to sing, but she likes to teach).

“I don’t want to live with my parents when I’m 30.”-Me
“Well, for me, it’s more like I want to rather than I have to.”-Friend

Her mom is sick and she’s an only child, so she’s chosen to live at home and help her dad for the rest of her life. I feel bad.

Anyway, she told me a story about one of her classmates who moved to LA for fashion but didn’t do anything in the industry for a while because the job market was tough. I said that I knew that I wasn’t gonna land my dream job right away. She advised that I secure a job up there before moving. Way ahead of you, sister! That was part of my plan already.

Our conversation made waiting in the long line outside of the Waikiki Shell go by quickly, and once we were inside we switched topics. No time to tackle a deep subject like that at a concert! Through this conversation and my last one (which I didn’t post about), I’m glad that I have such close friends that I can talk to them about anything, especially about stuff like life. They make me feel better and able to see things more clearly than before.


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