Reasons Why You’re Still Single


I don’t know why I read stupid lists/articles that are about why WOMEN are still single, what men don’t like, and how to change yourself so you become dateable. While I agree that women who are needy, easy, don’t take care of themselves, are disrespectful, superficial, and have high expectations are (or should not be) in relationships, it’s the sexism that bothers me. It’s like they pigeonhole every single woman to be exactly the same and if they follow some sort of list, then they’ll be in a relationship.

What crap.

Take the article Ladies, the Smarter you are the more likely you are to be Single as a great example of how demeaning it is to have such a positive trait. I have a very smart, well rounded friend who has been in relationships. They weren’t the best, but she has no problem finding a guy. To me, if a man finds an intelligent woman intimidating and refuses to be with her because of that, she got lucky, not him. Since when did being smart turn into a red flag?

Here the reasons why I’m single, according to me:
1) Not outgoing2) Heartbreak has messed me up

Unless a woman chooses to be unattached, I think these are valid reasons as to why some women are single. They definitely are for me.

Just for kicks, here’s a list titled 5 Types of Women who aren’t in Relationships and Why. The last point is the most valid…the rest, eh.

What do you think about these relationship posts? Do you think they’re sexist?


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