Not Responding to Texts

HAHAHA!!! The link below from Buzzfeed shows 17 classic responses to use when people who don’t text back. While it’s crazy to be sarcastic and annoyed when a response isn’t given in under a minute, I know these senders’ pain.

17 Perfect Responses for when Someone doesn’t Text you Back

Believe me, I used to get sad (yes, literally sad) if someone took ALL DAY to respond to my question, but now that I know some people take DAYS to respond (if at all), I get over it fairly quickly. Same goes for Facebook messages. I remember I posted to someone’s wall “Hi,” and he sent me a message a week later saying “hi.” :/ Uh…thanks for replying, a bit late though.

Whatever. It’s just a text/message/post.

(Now, if we were talking about not retuning phone calls…)

Have you been the sender of a text and not given a response? How did you handle it? Thoughts?


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