Reading Up on My Career


For any aspiring _____, it’s important to know about how your chosen field of work works. Books are the next best thing to hands-on experience (and I guess learning in a classroom), so that’s what I’m doing. I bought three NOOK books while other two are only available in paperback.

Here is my list (more books are going to be added once I finish these five):
-“On Writing Well” by William Zinsser
-“Journalism, a Very Short Introduction” by Ian Hargreaves
-“Beyond the Red Carpet” by Francine Brokaw
-“How the Mass Media Really Work: An Introduction to Their Role as Institutions of Control and Change” by Taehyun Kim
-“Online Journalism: Principles and Practices for News on the Web” by James C. Foust

I started reading “On Writing Well” and it’s introduction got me excited to read more. It’s considered a staple in writing/journalism classes so that’s why I bought it. So far it’s living up to its reputation. The one book I’m really excited to read is “Beyond the Red Carpet” since it’s all about entertainment journalism and what goes on behind the scenes and what entertainment journalists have to deal with. Lastly, I’m happy to read another work by Taehyun Kim, who is a journalism professor at CSUN and who I had wanted to be my advisor in grad school. He was a really funny and smart man.

Never been this excited to read something that’s not fiction! It’s gonna be an informative journey, I just know it.


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