My “Sister’s” 25th Birthday Party

I’m about to go to sleep, but I just wanted to post about attending my “sister’s” 25th birthday party tonight, held at his real sister’s house in the backyard (that’s what the local’s do in Hawaii). The theme was 90s, and I dressed up as Spinelli from Recess. I met a guy named Henry, who loved my outfit, especially my faux leather jacket that he couldn’t believe my mom bought at Macy’s (it used to be hers, but I stole it). Henry was a chollo (Mexican gangster). My “sister” dressed up as Ginger Spice, red hair and all!!! (I won’t show you our picture…it’s really funny but I don’t want it to go viral).

The food was good: Chicken katsu (I brought it), white rice, pulled pork (it was so good), and some other stuff.

The twentysomethings played Cards Against Humanity (so fun!) and beer pong, but with water. I and another friend sat and watched.

It was nice getting out of the house and meeting people. Haven’t done it in a while. Can’t wait for his 26th birthday…


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