2014 Retail Job Fair


Today the Retail Merchants of Hawaii hosted their first retail job fair and my dad took me down. While I was dressed in my usual short sleeve white button down and dress pants, he was in a t-shirt and shorts. And slippers aka flip flops. (Believe it or not he found some interesting jobs).

I gave resumes to Na Hoku (a Hawaiian jewelry store0) and Kate Spade, the latter telling me that they only hired people for sales associates if they have prior experience. But I told her that I was interested in stock and cashier. (I really only went to their pink table because there were really bright pink shopping bags that caught my eye haha!) I got an application to LeSportsac, and when I told the hiring managers that I loved their store they were very happy. We talked about their line of tokidoki products that ceased a couple years ago, but I’m SO happy a whole new collection is coming back next month!!

There were quite a bit of people there, with most filling out multiple applications. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough but I was on a time constraint and did the best that I could. All in all, it was a decent fair. My dad wanted me to check out Macy’s…I said no. My mom wanted me to get a job there so she could get discounts, but no.


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