It’s Gonna Happen One Day

I’ is a great resource with articles and advice about moving to LA. Since I know I have to make the permanent leap one day this site has been invaluable in calming me down whenever I feel panicky about the move.

One article titled Fear and Hope in LA hit me, in particular the following quote about jobs:

“Getting a job outside of your career of choice is not unusual. Apply for things that perhaps you would have never thought of doing before.  I’m doing it. Why not? What do we have to lose?

Are you a writer but have always been secretly in love with fashion? Why not try an entry level position in a design house or retail store? Are you a musician but got hired in a cool coffee shop instead? You never know. That job you thought was temporary could turn out to be the most permanent thing you’ll ever do.”

That resonated with me because when I was in college I thought that whatever field I received a degree in that I’d be stuck in it forever. I vouch that every college student thinks this but I was told by my career counselor and a few other people that it wasn’t true. Of course, the quote is talking about those aiming for a career in the arts, but I think it can be applied to any type of job (except medical, for obvious reasons). To add to that quote, I want to say that people’s interests change and switching careers is something many people do. Business owners are a perfect example: One woman quit her cushy office job to open a restaurant. My mom wants to do the same.

Although I’m staying within the realm of writing when looking for freelance jobs, I am doing what the above quote says (sorta). I applied to write for a college publication about current events relevant to education…and I’m not a college student and while education is something I’m interested in, it’s not my main one. Am I being greedy and only applying for the money? Perhaps. But this is what it means to hustle and to not be above anything. In relation to big time journalists, I’m WAY at the bottom of the ladder but I’ll get to where I want to be eventually. I may have to be creative, take anything that I come across, and go left instead of right at times, but I’ll get my entertainment job. I can feel it. I realize that it’s not gonna happen by the end of the year, or maybe even at the end of next year, but I’ll get that dream career someday.

Then again, maybe I’ll end up in a totally different career altogether. You never know…


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