Heart-to-Heart with Momma


I asked my mom for advice on grad school. I just asked her if I should go back and she said that if I didn’t want to, then she was fine with it. I told her what Dad said about getting my MA and she wasn’t too happy. But she said that he’s doing that because he cares, and also because I don’t have a plan on how to get to my goal of being an entertainment writer. While it’s true I don’t REALLY have a plan (once I write it down then it becomes official) and only have one up until December, knowing where Dad is coming from makes sense.

“When people keep telling you to do something, do you not wanna do it?”-Mom
“It runs in our family.”-Mom


She also reminded me that I’m getting older…eek! That, and the field I decided to go into is competitive. It is. It’s easier to get a volunteer writing job than a paid one, but I need that income!!!

I was reading interviews with several entertainment journalists about how they got started, and even though they were in hosting positions, all of them said that they didn’t take no for an answer. When someone told them that they couldn’t advance, they took matters into their own hands and proved to their bosses that they were qualified. They were persistent and determined to get what they wanted. Also, I’m pretty sure they didn’t put up with any crap.

Here’s a great quote from entertainment reporter Kristen Aldridge on doubt:

“I go through insecurities, worry and doubt just like everyone else.  I think it’s hugely important to define what “making it” means to you, though because no matter what your ultimate goal is, you have to enjoy the journey.

If your goal is to become the next Julia Roberts or the next great patented inventor, you can’t be miserable every day and feel bad about yourself just because you’re not there yet.  Nothing in life is guaranteed, including tomorrow. You can’t wait to be happy. It’s appreciating where you’re at in the present moment and staying positive about where you’re headed in the future.”

Her point to define what “making it” means kind of reminds me of what John Mayer told students at his 2008 clinic on “defining your expectations.” Although hers is more concerned with the journey toward the goal, his is about the goal itself. I believe he said that if you don’t define what you want you’re never gonna be happy with whatever success you achieve because you didn’t have a clear goal. Basically you’re always gonna aim higher because you’re never gonna be satisfied.

Reflecting on what I just typed, my ultimate goal (and I’ve actually told people this whenever they’ve asked me what publication I wanted to write for) is to work for The Hollywood Reporter (I think I typed up a post about this before). No tabloid gossip. Just interviews. Reviews. All that stuff. It was either that or Entertainment Weekly, but then I’d have to move to New York…a little TOO far from Hawaii.

I feel better now about what I’m doing, and excited about what is going to happen. I just have to MAKE it happen. 🙂


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