Leave Me Be, Please!

The only reason why my dad wants me to get an MA is just so I can say that I have one and “have those letters after my name.” That’s not right!! I told him so, and that if I went into something that I didn’t like just so I can “get a degree” then I wasn’t gonna finish because I wasn’t gonna like it. (There’s a reason why I didn’t stick it out at Northridge, and that was it: I wasn’t into it). A friend of mine is doing this now, working on a project that she hates, with a crappy advisor who can’t give her any direction because he doesn’t understand the project himself (he was the one who assigned it to her), all to just say that she went to grad school (and partly because her parents made her go). I don’t wanna do that. What a waste of money if I went to grad school for such stupid reasons. Grad school is NOT college, where most students don’t want to be there. In grad school, students WANT to be there.

All this talk about grad school is pissing me off. Like I said before, I don’t even know if I want to go back. One of my friends is supportive of me not going while everyone else (mainly family) is heckling me about going back (even my GUITAR TEACHER did, once). It might be because it’s the Asian thing to get an education (my mom and all three of her siblings have their MA), or being able to find a job, or maybe a mix of both, but leave me alone already!! At least I’m going back as a PBU student this fall! Isn’t that enough for now?


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