I went for my interview with the life insurance company Thursday morning, and after filling out a questionnaire I was taken into a room by one of the hiring managers. I was told that this was the second part (I did the first interview Tuesday, over the phone) of a FIVE part interview process!!! I was like, “Dang!” I was asked some interesting questions, and only stayed in the room for about ten minutes. The manager said that later on they were going to get together to go over the applicants and call the qualified candidates to come back for a group interview (my most hated type of job interview, right up there with being interviewed by a panel).

I didn’t get a call, but I didn’t even know what position I was being used to fill in the first place. Even when I asked the manager how many positions were open he just said that there were several for manager, secretary, and sales. Hm, okay.

Not too bummed out about it: Besides, I’m not a good sales person. And I thought I did a good job of winging those interviews…the first one was a real doozy!!


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