Editorial Tests

Boy, I didn’t know that applying to be an editor was going to involve so much dang work…and it occurs before the interview!! I think I mentioned this before, but last month I applied to be the associate online fashion editor for HONOLULU Magazine, even though I had NO background in it. I was sent on a scouting mission to visit five different local boutiques and find items that I thought readers would be interested in. I needed to take pictures of each item, describe the item (along with price, designer, and location of where I found it), and a reason why I thought these were newsworthy. In addition, I also needed to write a blog post on a predetermined story. I only had a week to finish both parts.

It’s been a couple weeks now and no word.

Yesterday I submitted my resume to be an assistant editor for Where magazine, the Oahu branch. Today I took a two hour editorial test and I got that in two minutes before time was up. As to what’s gonna happen with that, who knows.

Phew, no wonder editors get paid so much: There’s so much stuff going into just wanting to get hired to be one! Honestly, though, I’d rather be an editor than a reporter. My experiences as a writer have not been so great.

We’ll see what happens I guess.


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