Getting There…

You gotta love social media, especially when job hunting: Last night I was on Twitter and Yelp Hawaii posted a Tweet about an art event happening next week so I went to the events’ profile to check it out. They retweeted something from a new (very new) Hawaii magazine. Seeing that I want to write for a local publication, I followed them on Twitter and checked out their website. They were looking for writers and photographers to join their team so I sent an email to Will, the editor and received an email saying that since they’re a small start up they weren’t able to pay every writer at the moment, but that I can write for free. Now, I’m not against volunteer writing, as that’s how I started a web presence, but I do want to make some sort of income. I guess as a writer I can’t be choosy huh?

So, I might go for this. My ultimate goal is to be a staff writer, not a freelancer. This is a start.


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