The End, For Now

Due to family problems, I decided to withdraw from my MA program as well as CSUN. I don’t know when or where I’m going to get a degree, but right now that’s not my priority. As much as I tried to focus on school, the problems going on back home were making it difficult. Even though I only lasted one semester, I know what grad school is like, and I now know how it feels to be living on my own and growing up in the process. I don’t know if you count living in on campus housing as “living on your own,” but when you’re 5,000 miles away from your actual home, yes, it does count as such.

My graduate advisor was sad, and I don’t even want to know what my classmates think when they realize that I’m not in their seminar anymore. Everybody was so nice and welcoming–I am going to miss them. Thank goodness for social media so we can keep in contact.

So, come tomorrow (that’s when I move out) my MA journey will be over, for now. In the meantime I’m going to gain more writing experience (I recently became the entertainment editor for ALIST and am looking for a paid job), spend time with family, and hope that everything gets better.

In closing, thank YOU for reading and following this blog. I can’t believe that I reached 62 followers! It’s been an experience and I’m glad that I was able to share it with you all. This blog is not over, though: I’m going to keep this and document my job hunt, in the hopes of landing a paying position. So, stay tuned! 🙂

(Oh, and if you’re into desserts, I recently started Hungry for Desserts, a blog–mostly–dedicated to reviews about sweets places back on Oahu. There aren’t any reviews up for obvious reasons, but feel free to follow for they will arrive shortly).


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