Law Final

It wasn’t TOO bad…this time I went with my gut and didn’t second guess myself like I did with the midterm and our second quiz. (I hope it worked). Unfortunately I took it during my professor’s Monday JOUR 400 review class, so I couldn’t concentrate with students asking questions (of course I was hoping that someone would ask something that was on the midterm and the professor would give the answer…it almost happened).

Even though the final was open note, eek! It was still a bit difficult, and there were a few questions about things that we didn’t cover, which I just needed to guess on. Oh well.

Since I’m not doing well in this class, I’m worried about passing. Heck, a C is not passing in grad school and my letter specifically says that I need to get a B or better in my first four grad classes in order to reach condition status in the program. My graduate advisor told us the consequences for receiving a C and below, and I got nervous. Thankfully I’m not the only one in this situation. I don’t want to be mailed a letter of probation!!! 😥

…there’s nothing I can do about it now. I tried, but we’ll see when grades come out…

I’m not gonna let this spoil my Christmas vacation in two days, when I go home for a MONTH!!!

( But still, wish me luck? 🙂 )


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