What a Day!

Due to a water main break, most of the dorms were out of water. And now, at 10:40pm, it’s still out. According to the email sent to us by Student Housing water should be back on by midnight. I hope so!!!!

I’m used to this type of thing happening back home, due to car accidents or whatever, but this takes the cake: I haven’t gone without water for the entire day before, and being a germaphobe it’s tough. Hand sanitizer isn’t cutting it for me, and even though I had some relief since I had class today and used their bathrooms, it didn’t last long until I had to go back to the apartment.

At least Geronimo’s is open again. That was shut down because they couldn’t serve food without water (and wash the dishes).

I don’t think I’ll be forgetting about this day for a while.


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