One more Hurdle to Go

These last two weeks have been CRAZY, with CicLAvia on Oct. 6, asking questions about grounded theory for MCOM 600 last week, presenting with Mao Mao and Amir on the first half of Communication Power this past Tuesday (and meeting with them before classes to prepare), and today I took a midterm for JOUR 400.

I am wiped.

Thankfully I only have one more hurdle to go, and that’s next Tuesday’s presentation on the second half of Communication Power. What a tough book, with neuroscience as the groundwork to show how the mind processes images, emotions, and how political campaigns and the media use these to their advantage in order to get a vote/reaction out of us. The three of us agreed that it was a chore to get through, and our professor didn’t argue. He said our next book is going to be even more convoluted. Yay.

In the midst of all this craziness, October is flying by. Only a little over a week until my dad comes to visit.

Gotta power through.


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