Well, Sorry

(I wrote a post on this before but I have new info).

I’m not one to talk a lot in class–as an undergrad I didn’t utter one word. The reason was because I didn’t want to be the center of attention (have all eyes on me). Even though I had things to say I didn’t want to say them. When participation was required I always cringed: I hated it.

Now that I’m in grad school I’m starting to SLOWLY participate: I make it a point to talk at least once during each class session. But lately, I’ve been getting a little annoyed with one girl: She has an answer to EVERY QUESTION. Some of my other classmates talk a lot as well but I like them. They’re helpful and they make me think.

So the one girl who always talks…tonight was no exception, but on Sunday and after class tonight she talked about the quiet ones, saying that “they don’t talk” and (to the professor) “put them in the hot seat.” Well, sorry if not everybody has things to say like you. Even though Amir and Wendy talked quite a bit–which is a first–I guess it was not enough for HER. (I don’t want to say her name).

I’ll show her I’m not quiet. I gotta raise my hand like Natalia and Mara do in order to talk, ’cause just blurting something out isn’t working. When the people who talk start up, it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. I have things to say, just not for EVERY SINGLE QUESTION.


Glad I got that out.

One of my professors said that there is gonna be one person that we’re gonna hate, and while I don’t “hate” my classmate, she annoys me. (Yeah).


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