Today for my MCOM 600 class we live reported from CicLAvia (for Pop Up Newsroom) in downtown LA for the entire day. It was crazy, with technical problems on Twitter to it being extremely hot, but it was fun. We were treated to a late lunch by our professor.

It was fun walking around, exploring downtown. Grand Park is huge, by the way. I bumped into Christy and then I started seeing other classmates. Eventually I ended up at Starbucks with Taeko, Joelle, Stephanie, and Chris.

It was my first time live reporting an event, and it wasn’t bad. I liked it. I didn’t interview as many people as I should have (I’m just a little shy about that) but I managed to take a lot of pictures. I was glad that I didn’t have to charge my phone up and I hope my followers weren’t too annoyed with all of the CicLAvia Tweets haha.

We did a great job and our professor was proud. Next up is a global pop up, which I’m excited about. Can’t wait to talk to some foreign college students during our Google Hangout.


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