2013-2014 Annual Recognition Conference

As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, CSUN Chapter, I volunteered for the opportunity to attend the 2013-2014 Annual Recognition Conference, which gathered all of the presidents and/or members (just two) from each club and organization on campus for an entire day of workshops regarding conflict among group members, leadership skills, etc.

It was really informative, and I felt important: Representing a club. Even though I didn’t recruit new members or anything, just being there and seeing what the president’s have to do in order to make their club/organization successful and fun made me appreciate these students. I can never be a student leader, but it was cool being able to get a peek into what they do on a daily basis. Plus, the things that I learned I can apply to any situation.

The four workshops I went to were…
-Checking Your Leadership Ego: The presenter was the keynote speaker at the conference, and a comedian. His presentation was interesting, and his stories helped me remember what NOT to do as a leader. I went to this workshop because he was a funny guy!
-Conflict with Civility: This was an interactive workshop and we worked in groups on what not to do/to do when confronting someone, and the steps to get a problem solved. I went to this workshop because I’m having issues with my roommates and it helped.
-True Colors: One of the best workshops of the day! The presenter was SO funny and learning about the different types of people through colors was something I didn’t know. It was another personality test, but one that I think is more fun. I’m pretty sure I’m a gold. I went to this workshop because I like learning about myself and others. And I find personality stuff so interesting.
-How to Plan an Event on Campus: This one had a nice PowerPoint. I went to this workshop because the workshop that I wanted to go to I couldn’t find the room on the map, and this was right across the hall from True Colors.

Going to this conference made me not only appreciate what student leaders do, but what CSUN has to offer. If I remember correctly there were over 500 clubs, organizations, and fraternities/sororities on campus. There were A LOT of students at the conference as a result, which was exciting. For a state university I was impressed with the variety of choices to become involved. As an undergrad I wasn’t in any club, and that was probably because I commuted. Now that I live on campus I need something to do. I’m sure my undergrad university has this many clubs/organizations/fraternities and sororities as well, I just didn’t know about them.

It was a great experience and can’t wait for the next one.

(By the way, we were provided free breakfast AND lunch! I was a happy camper for sure!)


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