Starting to Learn

In my MCOM 620 class we’re reading Deciding What’s News and last night’s discussion on Part 1 (what is news and how the news stations work behind-the-scenes) was really interesting. I knew that newscasts picked stories to report on based on how important it was, but I didn’t know that the driving force behind those choices was for profit and to not be outdone by the competition. Back home the news stations that I watched were CBS and a local news channel. I can’t look at the big and local news stations the same way, when I thought that everything that was reported on was what went on that day. Now I know that there are probably ten or more stories that happened that day but were cut that deserve attention.

We also read an article called Social Control in the Newsroom, about the pressures and confinements that journalists unfortunately have to endure when getting their stories to the public. The editors are in control, and every reporter working in any writing environment is controlled by them. It’s sad but nothing can be changed. This made me think about my job as a journalist and whether I can handle it. I don’t like to be told what to do. I don’t want to be told what can and cannot be published: I worked hard on those stories! This reminds me of when I worked for my college newspaper and after all of my hard work my story didn’t get printed. I wasn’t even told that it wasn’t going to be in the paper. Sad.

If I’m learning THIS much in only the first four weeks of my first year of grad school, I can only imagine how much I’m going to learn after two years.


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